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Vermeiden Sie Urlaub Scams mit PC-Spion-Software

Die PC-Spion-software is a kind of Internet spy software which can be used to monitor all things users do on the Internet and avoid something unpleasant that might happen. With the holidays just around the corner, there will be many people who prefer to buy stuff online. However, there are a lot of holiday scams on the Internet that you should pay attention to when you are shopping online. The PC-Spion-software can help you a lot in monitoring all things occurring on your computer.

Die PC-Spion-software can help you record all keystrokes even including the passwords the users typed on the computer, so you can easily know what they often search on the Internet. And it also records all websites visited on the Internet, even if the users get used to delete the web history. By using this way, you can easily know what kind of websites they visit on the Internet and what they want to buy online and much more.

The PC spy software can help you watch out of all common scams that users may encounter on the Internet during shopping online. For example, some sellers assert that you can get gift cards if you buy a certain value of products, but actually the cards are all bogus gift cards. And there are many other kinds of scams such as social media scams, dangerous E-cards, or some holiday phishing and so on. Especially for young people like to buy many things on the Internet, so parents should pay more attention to this situation. The PC-Spion-software is able to record all their activity on your computer, so you can spend less time in helping them avoid these online scams to ensure their security on the Internet.

Die mächtigste Funktion von der PC-Spion-software must be its blocking function, which means that it can help you block any websites by adding keywords or URLs into the blacklist of the software. For example, if you don’t want your children surf Ebay online, you can add the keyword "Ebay" to the blacklist of spy software for PC. It acts a good web spy software which can not only record all visited websites but also block any unwanted websites to protect your online security.

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