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Micro Keylogger, a professional keylogger running hidden in the background and recording all keystrokes, websites, screenshots and applications automatically, offers PC Keylogger Free Trial Download. Download Free trial of MicroKeylogger now and you will be able to use the keylogger free for 5 days.

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Micro Keylogger Free Trial Download Windows XP/Vista/7/8
32bit and 64bit
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Download the PC Keylogger 5-Day Free Trial – invisible keyboard recorder and Internet monitoring software from Micro Keylogger, and you can use it as a family keylogger to monitor all keyboard activities happened on your home computer to keep your family, especially your kids from negative information. With the 100%-safe remote keylogger free trial, you can receive customized log reports from the target at any remote computers from any where.

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  • Safe and clean; Intuitive interface; Easy to use
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Thank you so much for Micro Keylogger that I can now know what my kids are doing on the family computer. It’s really good to be true. I have been trying to think of many ways to find out what kids are doing on my PC , but now I have finally find your product which I appreciated it so much.

Easy to install, easy to understand as I am not so good in English but I can just went through downloading it with no problem at all. All my family and others who are using my PC have not the slightest idea that I can just come around and view all their doing on my PC. They don’t know that Mr me is working behind the scene seeing every finger stroke they had on my keyboard. ha ha ha . Thank you again for your knowledge in making Micro Keylogger. It’s awesome! – Jean.R.

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