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Spy Software for Windows 8 Protects You Online

El spy software for Windows 8 aims to help people monitor all the activities in the Windows 8 operating system. It works invisibly and effectively to record all things happening on your computer, which can be very useful when you suspect that someone else is using or used your computer in an unauthorized manner. Moreover, with more and more inappropriate content occurring on the Internet, it has become more dangerous than before for people to surf the Internet. So the spy software for Windows 8 provides filtering function to help you block any obscene web materials to protect you safe on the computer. The Windows 8 spy software provides powerful features for those who use the Windows 8 operating system, so who can benefit from this software?

  • Padres e hijos

Adolescent often likes to view web pages, watch videos, post private photos, chat online with strangers and more on the Internet, and parents who worried about the web activities of their children can’t directly ask them what they are doing with it. So if you are responsible parents who want to know what your children do on the Internet, you can install the spy software for Windows 8 to keep track of all activities of your children. Once you can check what they are doing on the Internet and prevent them from doing wrong decision. Both parents and children can benefit from the software.

  • Los gerentes y empleados

Gerente y los empleados también pueden obtener beneficios de la spy software for Windows 8. Managers can use it to monitor all your employees’ activity on their computers during working time. It can record all things they do to tell you if they are playing or working during the working time, which will raise working efficiency of employees. Employees can take full advantage of this software to backup data on the computer.

Micro Keylogger es el mejor spy software for Windows 8 (also called keylogger for Windows 8 or Windows 8 keylogger) which can be used to help people monitor all activities on the Internet and block any unwanted websites by URLs or keywords. It records all keystrokes including passwords typed, websites visited, applications used, and files downloaded on the computer and more. Besides, screenshots will be taken at a preset interval to provide a visual image for people who use the software. And it also blocks all websites that you don’t want to visit to protect you or your kids on the computer.

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