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Micro Keylogger - Invisible Password Keylogger

Micro Keylogger(also called keystroke logger or keyboard logger) nevidljivo keylogger za Windows 8/7/Vista/XP that runs hidden in the background to secretly record keystrokes typed, lozinke upisali, web stranice posjetili, applications/files used and take screenshots of the activities.

Recorded data will be sent to you by email or FTP automatically and secretly.

Micro Keylogger - Screenshots

Micro Keylogger snimanje tipke
Micro Keylogger snimanje web stranice
Micro Keylogger zapisnik razgovora
Micro Keylogger zapisnik razgovora

Why choose Micro Keylogger?

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Najbolji keylogger lozinkom zapisivanja

Want to know someone's Facebook passwords, Gmail passwords, game passwords or website login passwords? Micro Keylogger records ALL of the passwords entered as well as the typed user names, answers to security questions and other login information.

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Sigurno poslati izvješće te po E-mail/FTP

Unlike other keyloggers which upload the recorded private data to the website of the keylogger vendor, Micro Keylogger only sends the data to your own Email or FTP. Micro Keylogger never saves your logged data. Your data is safe within your own control.

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Everything: logging of keystrokes, web stranice, screenshots, chat, clipboards...

Micro Keylogger has all the logging features you want. Keystrokes logging and capturing screenshots enables you to record all kinds of activities including chats, lozinke, web stranice, igre, webcam activity, Emails sent/viewed and more.

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Skriveni i nevidljivi keylogger

nlike other keyloggers which are not totally hidden, Micro Keylogger hides itself from all the locations like the Desktop, the Start Menu, the Task Bar, the Control Panel-Programs, the Process list, the Msconfig startup list and more. It works silently and won't affect the system performance.

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Easy to Install - 7*24h live support

Just double click and select preferred language, you will get Micro Keylogger installed and start logging immediately. Optionally you can configure settings to receive reports by Email. You can even get remote help with our 7*24h live support if you have any issue.


"Micro Keylogger is the best keylogger for PC - totally invisible, powerful features, great support, all best" - David. M

"It really works well on my computer! Thanks for helping me keep an eye on my kids' online activity and letting me know what happened to them timely so that I can protect them from potential harms." - Daniel

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