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The most obvious advantage of keylogging software is secretly tracking the keystrokes, but Micro Keylogger comes with some really cool added benefits that will enable you to fully control your computer no matter where you are. You can monitor you home computer from office, have a look how much time your kids are spending on computer, why everyone is deleting browser history, and what is happening behind your back. With kaugarvuti seire you will be able to not just observe the activities taking place through your computer, but also effectively control and manage them.

Micro Keylogger will record keystrokes on your computer which will enable you to monitor your Windows PC remotely. It is fully automated and totally hidden keylogger program which has satisfied the spying needs of lots of customers.

Koos kaugarvuti seire you will be able to monitor your computer from a remote location and without anyone knowing. This removes the possibility that those being monitored may change their usual behavior due to the knowledge of being monitored. Keylogger also have great importance in business enterprises and workplace. When employees know that their computer and online activity is being monitored by the employers chances of unauthorized use of company assets is considerably reduces and human hours are utilized in a more productive way.

Kaugarvuti seire also allows you to be close to your children and their activities while you are away from them. You will be able to monitor your kids without being noticed and without arousing any possible unlikeness due to being monitored every now and then. Kaugarvuti seire programs save time for all and don’t bother anybody. Micro keylogger is therefore also a keylogging parental control solution.


Micro keylogger has also received valuable customer feed backs and positive testimonials from many customers. With all these great features it is the best keylogger for windows available in the market. Kaugarvuti seire software and the license to use with one computer will cost you a mere $79.95, but the information that you will derive out of it is priceless. Do not hesitate in spending a few dollars to protect your family and your future.

Compatibility & Support

Micro keylogger is designed to work on Windows platform including Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. You will not face any compatibility issues. Even if you have some problems installing the software or accessing some feature therein, do not worry. Upon purchasing Micro keylogger you also get lifetime technical support for free. Our staffs are skilled individuals and believe in 100% customer satisfaction. You will not be disappointed as they have answer to all your queries.

Customer Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and we consider it our responsibility to help them with everything they need. Your online purchase will be 100% safe and all your payment information will stay private and protected with VeriSign SL certificate. Your personal details are not leaked and kept private.

Kõik tellimused Micro keylogger remote arvuti seireprogrammi are backed by 30 days’ money back guarantee. This means that we promise to refund you the full amount in case you’re the software is not working on your computer. Hence your money gets the best value and is in safe hands.

Te saate osta seda suurt arvuti seireprogrammi kell Siin. You will not receive any added benefits yet you may choose to do so if you please.

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