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FTP Logs Delivery Settings

Micro Keylogger allows you to have its activity logs delivered to your personal FTP space. You can turn this feature on by checking the option "Upload logs to FTP server" on Micro Keylogger "FTP" tab.

If you have your own ftp space, enter your FTP server and account information as below:

  • Hostname/Ip address: Your host name or ip. E.g.: privateftp.me or
  • Path: /log or other directory you set
  • Login: Enter your FTP user name
  • Password: Enter you FTP password
Micro Keylogger FTP

Note: Configure the FTP according to the above examples and click "Send test file test.txt" to make sure it works.

Schedule setting
Configure how often to deliver the logs, which based on a logs grown size or a specific time you set.

General Settings
You can check the option "Clear logs after uploading" to automatically clear the logs once it’s delivered.
Currently the option to send logs as compressed zip file can not be disabled.

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