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Too many young people prefer to play games in front of the computer instead of doing other entertaining activities outside on weekend day, especially to some teens. It should be admitted that games have some good influences to your kids, such as relaxing the pressure of the study or boosting the brains’ developments. However, if your kids are addicted to computer games, especially to some violent games, it can bring a series of disastrous consequences both physically and mentally, for example, they will be a little fat due to the lack of outside activity, they can’t concentrate on their studies or their works owing to the lack of sleep. Not only that, the most terrible thing is that some of the game fans even died in front of computers. What a sad thing it is! In order to avoid the tragedy from happening, you need to apply the òdinatè ou zouti to monitor your kids’ online activity if they spend too much time in front of computers to avoid game addiction.

Konpitè ap swiv lojisyèl se yon jan de òdinatè ou zouti that has the ability to block all the unwanted applications from installing and the useless websites from running with a click. You can put the wanted contents and the unwanted contents to the whitelist and the blacklist separately. Once you add the violent games to the blacklist and put the educational games to the whitelist, it can operate at your will. The violent or unwanted games won’t appear on the internet, while the educational games can operate as usual to disperse their attentions. Gradually, your kids will forget it completely. Computer monitoring can assist your kids away from the game addiction and leave them a positive and healthy environment.

What’s more, computer tracker is able to work in a stealth and invisible mode without being noticed by your kids. When the mac starts, the òdinatè ou zouti can operate automatically. Your kids won’t discover that you had blocked all his or her favorite but in fact are unhealthy games in advance. That means you can protect your kids without arouse their unlikeness. The good relationships between yours can continue without any affection at the same time. Òdinatè ou zouti can achieve a win-win solution.

Besides that, òdinatè ou zouti is able to send the recorded results to your email or FTP space that you can preset. You can read the emailed logs on PC, Mac, smart phone or any devices that can receive email, which brings as much convenience to you as possible. It can give you the best results your need and can be ideal software you want at the same time.

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