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Parental Monitoring Software

There are so many parental monitoring software available for your computer which really makes you dazzling, but not all programs are good for you, so you should pay more attention to choosing the best parental monitoring software to help you monitor all activities on your computer. It is a very important decision about choosing the parental monitoring software which is best for you. Here are some details that you can follow to choose which one is the best for you.

  • Record All Things Happening On The Computer

A best parental monitoring program must record all things happening on the computer. What does "All things" Mean? It means that it should record all activities that are done on the computer such as recording all keystrokes that are typed on it, all websites that are visited, all applications used, all files downloaded, and all chat conversations and so on, which is also the most important function about the parental monitoring software.

  • Run and Monitor Invisibly Without Others Knowing

A best parental monitoring program should run 100% invisibly, which is quite important for every computer user. Since you don’t want others to find that you are monitoring them, you’d better choose a program that completely runs in stealth mode which they cannot find the software easily because it will not show up in your task manager or any icons of your computer.

  • Start to work automatically when your kids log in

Another important thing is that it should run automatically so that you don’t need to start up the parental monitoring software by yourself every time when you play on the computer. You can set it as "Start up automatically every time computer runs" and you will receive the screenshots at an interval and logging reports automatically.

  • Protect Your Family From Porn Websites

A parental monitoring program can not only help you monitor the activity on the Internet, but also should help you with blocking any unsafe information online. As a parent, you must be quite worried about that your children may visit some porn websites and violent videos, so you should choose a parental monitoring software to help you filter the porn websites or the websites you don’t want your kids to visit.

Micro Keylogger is an excellent parental computer monitoring program that can not only record all things happening on the computer, but also can help you block any websites and applications you want. And it provides a password protection function that can protect your software account from being accessed easily, and all screenshots and logging reports can be sent automatically by email or FTP.

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