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Mikro Keylogger v1.78 vydané

Mikro Keylogger v1.78, an all-in-one invisible keylogger aiming at bringing much better computer monitoring experience to its users, was released on August 22, 2013.

What’s new in Micro Keylogger v1.78?

  • Zlepšiť funkciu denníka e-mail doručenie
  • Optimalizované screenshot zachytiť funkciu
  • Lepší formát denníka správ
  • Znížiť využitie Procesora a pamäte
  • Lepší antivírusový program obchádza
  • Vylepšené zabezpečenie
  • Opravené niektoré chyby

Mikro Keylogger v1.78 greatly improved its performance in computer spy, especially in web tracking, downloads monitoring and screenshot capturing. Meanwhile, this new version added some personalized features in email delivery – the most frequently used way of log reporting. For example, users now can choose to split the reports to multiple emails according to the email size limitation of different email service provider for successful email sending.

Táto verzia Mikro Keylogger is easier to coexist with antivirus programs. Besides, users will be required to offer security password if they would like to remove Micro Keylogger. All of these new changes contribute a lot to the security and invisibility enhancement of Micro Keylogger.

Neváhajte Micro Keylogger skúšobná verzia zdarma na stiahnutie and enjoy the experience!

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