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Is your assistant preparing the report that you need or playing FreeCell? And who is using your computer while you’re gone for lunch? Is someone copying restricted files from your office? These and many other similar questions are not uncommon. So if you find yourself asking such questions, you can find the answer by using Micro Keylogger, a powerful and efficient oddaljeni keystroke drvar. It’s the perfect employee computer monitoring solution.

Neopazna in neverjetno

Micro Keylogger runs silently in the background, capturing keystrokes and screenshots as your employees do their work (or not). Completely untraceable, except by you of course, the remote keystroke logger records every keystroke, which reveals all activities on that computer. The websites they visit, the files they view and the games they play – all revealed and documented.

To oddaljeni keystroke drvar is designed to run (undetected) on the Windows platform. You can install and use this remote keystroke logger on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 [both 32bit and 64bit versions]. You can try the free trial to see how it works for three days and then upgrade with a click.

Učinkovito in stroškovno učinkovito zaposlenih Computer spremljanje

You don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars on expensive surveillance cameras or keep on looking over your employees’ shoulders as they work. Micro Keylogger is an affordable solution that offers excellent value for money and peace of mind. While using this oddaljeni keystroke drvar might be crucial, it doesn’t have to be an expensive affair.

Feel your team’s productivity dwindling? Suspect someone sabotaging your database? The oddaljeni keystroke drvar can help you spot the problem. If there’s anyone slacking on the job, their keystrokes (or their lack of) will tell the tale, so there’s no reason to guess. From each computer, you will get detailed information on the keystrokes as well as screenshots that show you exactly what the computer was used for.

Lahko določite intervale na kateri je oddaljeni keystroke drvar to create a screenshot. Timing is everything when you’re out to catch someone like this. Micro Keylogger gives you the confidence to take disciplinary action. With the keystrokes report and screenshots to back up your claims, you can confront the guilty parties without any inhibition.

Šop trave-prost Computer spremljanje

Save your time and money by using Micro Keylogger. The simple download and installation means you can get the oddaljeni keystroke drvar up and running within minutes. In addition, you can save yourself hours of trouble trying to determine your employees’ computer activities through other inefficient methods.

Micro Keylogger is a clean and effective way to find out what a computer is being used for. You can find the answers you’re looking for as quickly as a few minutes. The oddaljeni keystroke drvar can deliver results as swiftly and easily as you can install it.

Biti dober Manager in uporabiti Micro Keylogger

This is the ideal employee computer monitoring. With Micro Keylogger’s help, you don’t have to sacrifice productive time to expose the people slacking at your workplace. You don’t have to doubt your decision to investigate because you’re never wasting your time with this oddaljeni keystroke drvar.

In fact, you’re wasting your time if you’re not using an effective keylogger like this. Even if you don’t suspect someone, having effective employee computer monitoring in place is always good practice. Prevention is better than cure; this adage couldn’t be more relevant in the modern business world, which is riddled with issues ranging from social media distractions to corporate espionage

Don’t wait for someone at your office to do something bad. Be on your guard; be prepared. It’s called being a good business manager. Whether you’re working at a company or running your own business, this oddaljeni keystroke drvar will serve you well.

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