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Bilgisayar faaliyetleri fiziksel erişimi olmadan casus için mümkün mü?

Bu gerçekten iyi değil casus birisine ’ s bilgisayar veya mobil faaliyetleri. Ya orada bilmek etkinliklerinizi üzerinde casusluk biri iyi hissetmem. Ancak birkaç özel durum dışında sayede işveren onun çalışanların faaliyetleri izlemek gerekir vardır ve ayrıca, ebeveyn olarak, kontrol etmek istiyorum, çocuklarınız ne onların PC ve mobil cihazlar.

İki magjor yolu tarafından etkinliklerinizi izlemek onların aygıt sahip casusluk şirketlerin sayısında bir artış olmuştur: Yani fiziksel olarak, bilgisayarınızda casus yazılım yükleme veya etkinliklerinizi uzaktan yükleme üzerinden casusluk ve uzaktan izleme doğa.

Böylece bilgisayar hareket kullanımı yoluyla uzaktan casus çok mümkün olduğunu ve aygıtı fiziksel olarak erişmeniz gerekmez. Mikro Keylogger için onlar fiziksel erişim yoluyla kendi yazılımlarını yüklemek. Before progressing with the installation process, it is good to tell the person you want to spy on your intention. In this case, Micro Keylogger concentrates much on monitoring the activities of the employees and the kids. Tracking or spying on someone without their knowledge is normally considered as a way of violating their trust. It is therefore important to consider all the social costs involved before you can proceed with spying.

Eğer sen are seyir için bir bilgisayar monitörü ' erişmek zorunda kalmadan faaliyetleri, there are three major steps which you need to take so that you are able to monitor. These three steps include:

1. Determine what you want to spy on and if it is necessary

As much as you are spying on your employee/children, you also need to give them their privacy. It is thus important to be sure of exactly what you want to spy. Tracking too much can bring about legal problems. It is advisable to keep your tracking minimal to avoid any complication that may pop up later. Basically, monitoring of activities is mainly grouped into three categories. From these categories, you are able to know what you are looking for. These three categories are;

  • Belirli aktivite izle
    This category is applicable when you do not really care how the person is using the device provided as long as the set rules are followed. For instance, you would like to monitor if an employee visits social sites during the working hours, or you would like to spy on your kid so that they do not visit adult sites. In such a situation, spying is not really necessary; instead, you can use filtering technique.
  • Tüm etkinliğini belirli bir uygulamada bitti casusluk
    Employers and parents may want to spy on specific apps rather than the whole device, you may opt for selective monitoring and many spy software have this option.
  • Her uygulama faaliyetleri casusluk
    This involves monitoring everything someone is doing including chat logs, or keeping tabs closed by an employee if you think there may be an unusual behavior.

2. Choose the right software

Once you have identified what you want to spy on, you can now choose which the right software is for you. I recommend you visit PC için mikro Keylogger ve Aobo keylogger Mac için for the options of different spying software to choose from.

3. Keep the track of the person you were spying

After installation, Micro Keylogger takes screenshots as well as sending private mails to the given email. With this kind of information, it is easy to track what your employers and/or kids are up to. Should there be something wrongly done, you will be able to summon them with the given evidence.

Basically, as much as spying someone may not be the right thing to do; it helps both the parents and the employers. For employers, there is improvement in overall productivity of the firm and for the kids, they grow knowing the right and the wrong thus they learn to be responsible from their childhood.

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