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Locate Your Lost Mac With Keylogger for Mac

Are you worried that you might lose your Mac computer someday? Would you like to track the location of your Mac? Do you wish to have a chance to retrieve your lost Mac? If your answer is yes, Aobo Keylogger cho Mac is for you. Aobo Keylogger for Mac has been updated with the feature of recording the IP Address of your Mac.

Mac Laptops are natural thieve targets since they are small, easy to snatch and are often accidentally left unattended in public places such as a coffee shop, airport or in a car. According to the FBI, 97% of laptops are never recovered after theft, which is bad news for business travelers.

May mắn thay, there are several applications that can help a hapless business traveler locate his or her stolen computer as long as it is connected to the internet, nói Aobo Keylogger cho Macthe best Keylogger for Mac software to track the IP address of a stolen Mac.

Aobo Keylogger cho Mac with the features of recording the IP address as well as the keystrokes is your most effective tool to help you get back your stolen Mac. Not only can Aobo Keylogger for Mac track the location of your lost Mac, but also it can track what the thieves will do on your computer.

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